Why Us

Jet Steam Corp Carpet Cleaning Service is a premiere cleaning crew that has been serving the Chicagoland area for over one decade. We have some of the most hardworking cleaning professionals and some of the most experienced cleaning experts in the industry. We use the latest technology specifically matched to your needs and preferences. We offer 100 % satisfaction guaranteed with no hidden costs. This is what gives us an edge over our competition and make sure that our clients are happy with the service every single time.

Integrity and professionalism: Our team is comprised of extremely hardworking and utterly honest members. We use strict screening and background verification services to ensure the reliability of our crewmembers. Each and every team member has the required legal authorization to work in the region and in the cleaning industry. We only hire trained and experienced professionals and then we further train them on the job through our senior members.

Science and Technology: We use the absolute cutting edge in steam cleaning technology that uses jets of pure steam to clean, remove stains and disinfect your carpets. Say goodbye to dust mites, insects and all accumulated dirt and grime. You will be amazed at how efficient our steam cleaning is when you see and feel the results for yourself. Our cleaning method could be applied for heavy duty cleaning of commercial areas as well as in residential setting as it is safe to use around houses with newborns, infants, children and persons with sensitivity towards cleaning agents. Our cleaning method also leaves your carpet soft and spot free without any damage to the cleaned area.

Custom Cleaning: We customize the method of cleaning based on your requirements. If you are looking for eco friendly alternatives we offer them. If you need tough to remove stains to be gone, we will use chemicals designed to remove them safely to your carpet. If you have small children or infants in your house we will use only high pressure steam with consideration for their well being.

No hidden fees: There are a lot of carpet cleaning crews out there marketing cleaning services at a very low cost. It is only they visit you and start the work when you find out about hidden fees, additional costs for chemicals, and other unwanted surprises. Our services are always offered with the lowest cost possible to you. We have no hidden fees or additional charges for services we offer and 99.99 % of the time our estimated cost is a final price you pay for the job done.

Got more questions? Call us today to get a free, no-obligations estimate for a large cleaning project or to schedule an appointment. We offer discounted rates for repeat customers and referrals.

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